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Committed to the preservation of the natural diversity of plant and animal species through the prevention of environmental degradation and destruction.

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Meet the 2016 CCTUS Scholar - Martin A. Hamilton, Ph.D.

MHamilton_BannerCCT receives Darwin Initiative grant to increase natural biodiversity of Chagos


Seychelles to declare a second large Marine Protected Area in Indian Ocean


It may be remote, but Chagos still gets its fair share of ocean trash! Check out this article about a recent Beach clean up.FlaCleanup0059Call for Applications for the 2016 CCT-US expedition scholarship (Click here to  find out more)

Invasive plant management in Chagos, and the goal of the 2016 CCTUS expedition scholarship


The Chagos Archipelago contains some of the healthiest coral reefs and in The Great Chagos Bank, the largest coral atoll to be found on our planet. Scientists fear that half of the world’s coral reefs could be lost by 2025. It is essential to save them: hundreds of millions of people depend on healthy reefs in one way or another. Living reefs provide food, protect beaches from erosion, and form a treasure house of genetically diverse creatures and plants.

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2016 CCT-US expedition scholarship

Call for Applications for the 2016 CCT-US expedition scholarship. Click to find out more....

2016 CCT-US expedition scholarship 2016 CCT-US expedition scholarship

Building CCT-US from the Ground Up

Read about the formation of the Chagos Conservation Trust – US (CCT-US)

Building CCT-US from the Ground Up Building CCT-US from the Ground Up