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Welcome to the Chagos Conservation Trust – US (CCT-US), an organization committed to preserving the unique, pristine eco-system in the Chagos Archipelago in the Indian Ocean.  The isolated nature of Chagos has created a marine environment largely devoid of the influences of civilization making it a superb natural laboratory for the study of coral reefs and the marine life and mammals (e.g., sea turtles) which help sustain the coral.

Rising ocean temperatures have taken their toll even on an isolated environment in Chagos.  CCT-US is committed to taking any steps within our means to study the Chagos, the environmental impacts of rising ocean temperatures, and extrapolate lessons learned to measures that might be taken to preserve Chagos corals, and those corals elsewhere on the planet.

Please explore our site, and consider joining CCT-US, making a donation, or serving as a sponsor of our efforts.  As a non-profit charity, contributions are tax-deductible for United States citizens to the extent allowable by law.


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Committed to the preservation of the natural diversity of plant and animal species through the prevention of environmental degradation and destruction.

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